by Ordo Ignis Dei




Ordo Ignis Dei's roots go far beyond it's actual founding that happened at some point in the year 2016, a time where the two members lived thousands of miles apart from each other, connected only by friendship and the will to create special, unique and fun music.

The initial spark that would go on to lead to this project had its origin in a fairly unsuccessful jam session in a small bedroom sometime in 2012. From that point on, the two members would regularly meet and exchange creative ideas that had been in their minds for a long time, but had been missing the fitting counterpart. All this had culminated in works that would range from electronic lounge music to black metal, showcasing the eclectic potential of their creative output. However, frustration resulted from this.
While every release did have their own redeeming qualities, none of them really felt complete or special enough to completely satisfy them.
One of the members departure to another continent and the challenges of life led the duo to pursue their own creative projects. While one went on to work on various Black Metal releases, the other had delved into more abstract forms of music such as Dark Ambient.

Strangely, after a lengthy break of any musical collaboration, both members simultaneously felt the need to come together again to play a special, unique kind of music that combines their metal background with the new impulses and inspirations they have collected over the past years.
On the one hand, inspired by the pursuit of the occult and gnostic spiritualty by one member, and on the other hand by a newfound love for more progressive styles of music of the other, they have come together to craft a unique blend of music that has not been heard in this exact way quite yet.
The result of this creative exchange is Ordo Ignis Dei first release, Bibliomystikon. It draws inspiration not from concrete artists, but from the feelings and emotions that the two members have experienced from music, literature and other forms of art. Because of this, it is hard to pinpoint musical influences when listening to Ordo Ignis Dei, and the listener should rather put his focus on the atmospheres and emotion it creates.
Being completely recorded and mastered in the bedroom of one of the members without any outside forces, the music surely has it's edges, however this homemade effort also ensures a very personal and pure musical expression.

The two members now being united in Germany once again, the future for Ordo Ignis Dei holds a lot of promise for new, exciting and unique music that will elaborate on the dark, mystic atmospheres that can be heard on their debut release, Bibliomystikon.



released September 18, 2017

Sebastian - keyboards, vocals, drums
Phillip - guitar, bass, words, booklet

Cover art: Clement Ecke


all rights reserved



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