by Kaoll




Originally released in 2014

"Odd" is Kaoll's third album. It is a 70's influenced album where the trio guitar, flute and drums try out special guest appearances throughout the record.

"Aquiles Barbecue" sees the band playing with legendary bass player Billy Cox (Jimi Hendrix), and the album also has special participations of the percussionist João Parahyba (Trio Mocotó), Paulo Garfunkel (clarone and clarinet), Ricardo Vignini (viola caipira), Gabriel Costa (Violeta de Outono) and Ney Haddad (Mobilis Stabilis) on the double basses, Fábio Ribeiro (Remove Silence) on keyboards and pianos, among other collaborators.

"Odd" is inspired by the contact with the public on the tours that Kaoll has been performing throughout Brazil between 2008 and 2014, especially with their two succesfull tours: "Kaoll & Lanny Gordin" and "Kaoll interprets Pink Floyd".

The album reveals influences of Jimi Hendrix, Marco Antônio Araújo, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath.

"Odd" é o terceiro disco do Kaoll. É um álbum setentista onde o trio guitarra, flauta e bateria experimenta formações com convidados especiais.

A faixa "Aquiles Barbecue" contou com a colaboração do lendário contrabaixista Billy Cox, das bandas de Jimi Hendrix, e o disco também conta com participações especialíssimas do percussionista João Parahyba (Trio Mocotó), Paulo Garfunkel no clarone e clarinete, Ricardo Vignini nas violas (Moda de Rock), Gabriel Costa (Violeta de Outono) e Ney Haddad (Mobilis Stabilis) nos contrabaixos, Fábio Ribeiro (Remove Silence) nos teclados e pianos, entre outros colaboradores.

"Odd" é inspirado pelo contato com o público nas excursões sonoras que o Kaoll vem realizou pelo país desde 2008 na circulação dos projetos "Kaoll & Lanny Gordin" e "Kaoll interpreta Pink Floyd".

Com pegada estradeira, o disco revela as influências de Jimi Hendrix, Marco Antônio Araújo, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Jethro Tull e Black Sabbath.

Website: kaoll.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kaoll


released November 3, 2017

Recorded in São Paulo between March and April 2014
Produced and mixed by Kaoll
Sound engineer: Marvin Vinicius
Mastered at Studio Tolkki
Recorded at: Trainbeat / Tubo / Canvas / Bojo Elétrico / In Sonoris / Quorum / Brainless Brothers / Toy Box

Bruno Moscatiello - guitar
Yuri Garfunkel - flute, Brazilian 10 strings guitar (viola caipira)
Doktor Leo - drums, effects

Special Guests:
Billy Cox - bass (2)
João Parahyba - percussion
Paulo Garfunkel - bass clarinet, clarinet (7)
Ricardo Vignini - electric Brazilian 10 strings guitar (viola caipira elétrica) (2), lap steel, cabasitar
Gabriel Costa - bass (1, 9)
Gabriel Catanzaro - bass (3, 4, 7)
Ney Haddad - bass (6, 8)
Fábio Ribeiro - keyboards (4, 6)
Fábio Leandro - keyboards (3, 7, 8)

Cover and Graphic project: SOPA Art Br (Yuri Garfunkel & Bruno Mestriner)


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